Getting something for free always gives me a warm fussy feeling.  Especially when I receive it each and every month.  That is why I’ve decided to create some additional web hosting accounts on free servers, so I can create some additional sites, and hopefully by doing this, create content, and interlink the sites.  Theoretically this should all contribute to better search engine rankings in the end.

But, I have not really been very successful in securing accounts.  My first attempt was with  After 1 week of waiting for activation, I’ve decided to find alternative providers.

I’ve tried another free hosting service, and was able to setup a blog site, but when I checked the uptime on my site, it was down for more that 10% of the time.

The amount of time I’ve spend creating accounts, completing forms, copying files, setting up my Blog site, just to finally move them to a paid service provider, I have to say probably cost me more than just purchasing a web hosting package in the first place.

If anyone can still recommend a good free web hosting provider, please let me know.  I still think there is value in hosting with them.  Just for one, by creating a few external sites (with different IP addresses), all linking to your sites, can contribute to better Search Engine Rankings.

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