This is usually a difficult question.


New Sites

Submitting your site through the Google Add Url link: usually takes 2-6 weeks.  So there must be better ways.

Ask your best friend with a Good quality site to link to you.  Make sure the site / page he / she is linking from is related to your site.  This usually ensures that Google will index your site within 2 days or less.  I’ve also seen that some of our clients’ sites, are indexed within 12 hours.

If your site is not indexed in 1 week using this technique, there might be something else wrong with the Domain or Site.  Make sure Google can actually crawl the site.  Also if the domain was purchased from someone else, it might also be banned for some other reason.


For Sub Domains

I’ve seen new sub domains being indexed within 4 hours from the first link being created on the web.  Again this really depends on how often Google will index referring site.



Do not create too many links to your new site.  This will seem unnatural, and you might just get penalized or banned in Google.


How about pages?

Again it depends on how often Google index your site and how often the site change.  If you add a new page every hour, Google will probably check your site every hour, and new pages will be indexed on a more frequent basis.  Please note that you might not yet rank very high on Google for the keyword / phrase you have optimized for.  It will obviously take a bit longer for Google to place your site in the highest rankings.  This blog site usually takes about 2 minutes for pages to appear in Google.  Check out the secret below.


A Little Secret

WordPress is using Ping-o-Matic to tell Google of new pages on your blog site.  However, nothing stops you from doing this manually on the Ping-o-Matic site.


New sites are indexed by Google within 4 hours and 6 weeks.  It all depends on the quality (authority) of back links.  Depending on how frequent your site change, new pages can be indexed within minutes or a couple of days from appearing on your site.



Please tell us if you have had the same experience by leaving us a comment.