We often get the question:

Is it possible to rank in the top 10 rankings if I cant get thousands of links?

In short, yes. Links are important to rank high on Search Engines.  But it it definitely not just the number of links.  The Link Strength is more important.  In other words, the authority of the site linking to your site.

Lets take a few examples:

Keyword: Property

On the day of writing this post (2011/05/17), 3 of the domains ranking for the highly searched keyword “Property” ranking in the top 10 positions have less that 10 000 links.



Keyword: Sell Link Ads

Lets take a look at one of most sought after keywords in the Link Building industry.  All of those websites trying to tell you that you to buy thousands of back links to get good rankings in Search Engines, should consider rephrasing that statement.  For the keywords /  phrase “Sell Link Ads” you will find that:



When you acquire, borrow, exchange, steal, beg and buy links, please make sure they come from a good site (site with authority).  Easiest way is to check their rankings within webstatschecker.com.  Even better for your site is if they already rank for the same keywords you are optimizing for.  Use WebStatsChecker.com to check the current positions of sites to make sure you really need links from them.  Please note however, we do not have all of the keywords indexed in our database, so please search additional keywords.