Last night we received an email from a very unhappy website owner for one of the domains we list keywords stats for on our website  Threatening us with legal actions if we do not remove the “bad adult related” keywords his site is ranking for.  We quickly checked why we have these keywords linked to his website, because we only want to list keywords that are most relevant for each domain.

After a quick search, we found that the website contained a guestbook page which was un-moderated, and behold, all of these keywords appeared on the page.  For some reason, Google decided that this website should rank high for these keywords, thus resulting in us displaying these keywords for the domain.  Needless to say, we did remove the site, and notified the site owner on how to rectify the problem.

That is why Web Stats Checker is such a nice tool for website owners.  To quickly see how Search Engines see their site and be able to take action accordingly.

We do take it very serious to make sure we list the correct keywords for each domain.  We have also build in some thresholds into the system to determine if a website contains “bad” words.  We do not display “bad” words within the stats of a website if the site is not below the threshold, preventing us from running into these situations.  However one the site exceed the threshold value, we list the bad keywords for the website with the good keywords.

We do however ask, that if you find incorrect keywords linked to your domain to please let us know ASAP, so we can fix the problem.