Google announced this week that they will be dropping Referrer information when logged in users search on the Google Search Engine.  Website owners will not be able to determine the keywords used in the search engine when a user search for a specific keyword, and click through to a website.

This change is a massive blow for Web Analysis software like Google Analytics and Clicky, and will cause a lot of website owners  to loose very important SEO information previously used to see which keywords their website rank for in the Search Engines.

Google Claim that this change is necessarily to protect the privacy of their logged in users, and because each logged in user will receive different Search Engine Result Pages customized for that specific user.  The Referrer information will however still be available if a user clicks on an AdWords ad.  That does seem like a bit two faced.

According to Google this was rolled out to logged in users and we should see +- 10% of our Referrer information as “Not provided” in Google Analytics.

On Web Stats Checker, we have +- 2.5% with reference as “Not provided” from 2011/10/19.

We can only assume that Google will roll this out in the future to more users, including users that are not logged in.

This will cause website owners to use Keyword Ranking Services and software like Web Stats Checker to show them the where their websites rank in the SERPS.

Please let us know what kind of impact you have seen in your Website Stats Software.