We usually get the question, how can I get Top Search Engine Ranking for my website for a specific keyword or phrase.  Is there a magical formula?

Well, here is the answer, and believe it or not, it is this short:

You need the right content.  Yes, content containing the keyword on the page.  You will be surprised to see how many people complain that they are not ranking for their keywords, and then when you check the website, you find that they never even mention the keywords on their site.  Or the webpage’s heading might contain the keywords, however nowhere in the content do they ever mention the keywords again.  This is very important to get Top Search Engine Ranking.

Also using variations of the keyword in the content will help, especially if you don’t want to make the site look too spammy.  You will find a lot of tools on the web to assist with determining the optimal keyword density.  Just do a quick “Keyword Density Tool” search in your favorite search engine.  But I prefer to not use one of these tools, because I also feel that I still want my content to look natural.  That said, if you are still a beginner in SEO, please feel free to use them until you get the hang of it.

So once you have created the content content, make sure you emphasize the important keywords.  As an example, we can use an existing page on this blog.

Example Page: Google drops Referrer Data | In the News | 19 October 2011

I’ve decided on using the keywords “Google drops referrer Data” as my keywords for the page.  I’ve used them in my title, my Heading, and in my Text.  I’ve also used parts of the keywords, e.g. Google, and Referrer, etc.  Well, is this enough.  Let’s see.  Search for the keywords in Google and hopefully the site will be up there among the first results.  

To quickly check if this page is in the top 100 results, visit http://www.webstatschecker.com/stats/keyword/google_drops_referrer_data.

But wait, if everyone else on the web are creating pages with exactly the same keywords, what will happen with my ranking?  Will my site still be in the top results of the search engines.  Well, that is where the magic comes in by creating good content for your site.  People will now link from their websites to your Article or Blog Post and by doing so, send good karma to your site in the form of Link Juice.  Google and other Search Engines pick this up and through their complicated algorithms they basically determine that your website is best for the keywords you have optimized for.

So, please let the magic happen, and lets see what it takes for this page to become no one on the Search Engines.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing with your sites.

In summary, to get Top Search Engine Ranking you need to create new interesting content, optimize the page so the Search Engines can easily identity the most important words in the Content, and by doing this, receive a lot of links back to the page from other websites on the internet.