Exactly 3 months after the last Google PageRank update in August, Google has updated the Google PageRank yet again. We have jumped from a PR3 to PR4 for webstatschecker.com, however, blog.webstatschecker.com stayed the same on a PR3.

Why is PageRank important?

The value of the Google PageRank usually displayed on the Toolbars, hence the Toolbar PageRank, is a measure on how important Google thinks your site is on the Web.

When can we expect the next Google PageRank Update?

As always, it is extremely difficult to determine when the next Google PageRank Update will occur. With the current trend, hopefully within the next 3 months, but as we have seen, no one can say for sure. We will however keep an eye on our rankings, and let you know when we see changes in the PageRank of the sites we monitor.