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First thing you have to do is do a proper keyword research. Find the keywords that are relevant to your site, and find high traffic, with low competition keywords. Use Google AdWords Keyword tool or For new sites do not try to optimize for phrases that is only one or two words long. Competition […]

This beginners guide to Search Engine Optimization will be short and sweet. We do not really want to explain why we propose some of the suggestions in this Post. Feel free to send us comments if you do not agree with any of the suggestions we are making. We will divide this article into 2 […]

We usually get the question, how can I get Top Search Engine Ranking for my website for a specific keyword or phrase.  Is there a magical formula? Well, here is the answer, and believe it or not, it is this short: You need the right content.  Yes, content containing the keyword on the page.  You […]