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Sorry for the delay, but was quite busy updating our website: with new functionality and find new and interesting ways to optimize MS SQL to store the data we keep on the database. We currently hold stats for 750 000 Domains, over 1 000 000 keywords, and more that 1 000 000 000 Search […]

We have arranged  special discount coupons with Host Gator for June 2011  so be sure to use one of these Host Gator Coupons for special discounts.  These will expire by the end of June.  Coupon codes will not apply to domain names or any service which is not a hosting account.   Host Gator $9.94 Discount […]

Just a quick note.  We read each and every comment posted onto this blog before we publish it to the world.  If you add comment like “Cool Stuff” or any of the other normal spam we are getting, your comment will be marked as spam, and some of your other comments might also be market […]

We have reached yet another milestone.  3 million unique visitors per month for the pass month on  I hope everyone is enjoying the functionality on the site.  If you have any recommendations, please feel free to let us know what we can add.

12 days ago, we posted a short message to let everyone know we have reached 1 million unique visitors in the last month.  Well, can you believe it.  We have now reached 2 million unique visitors is the past month (2011/04/30 to 2011/05/30).  Thanks for everyone linking to our site and spreading the word. I […]

You need to use dashes. Google see them as separators, while underscores are not seen as word generators.

The question all website owners ask:  How can I get people to link to my website.  Well, here is a quick list of possible ways of getting people to link to your website: 1. Controversy – Say something controversial 2. Participate in community – Answer questions to help other people, with a reference back to […]

Getting something for free always gives me a warm fussy feeling.  Especially when I receive it each and every month.  That is why I’ve decided to create some additional web hosting accounts on free servers, so I can create some additional sites, and hopefully by doing this, create content, and interlink the sites.  Theoretically this […]

Good news everyone! We have reached 1 million unique visitors for the past month on  I’m sure our advertisers are smiling all the way. When we started selling ads on our site for $400 per month, we had only 500 000 page views per month.  Now we have over 3 million and the price […]

Checking  backlinks is a very important part of most SEO specialists.  Whether it is to spy on a competitor, or just to check exiting links to a client’s site, the process can take a lot of time and resources.  In this post we would like to look at a few online tools, providing this functionality. […]