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Sorry for the delay, but was quite busy updating our website: with new functionality and find new and interesting ways to optimize MS SQL to store the data we keep on the database.

We currently hold stats for 750 000 Domains, over 1 000 000 keywords, and more that 1 000 000 000 Search results. Yes, that is a lot of Zeros, and these stats are increasing every day.

That said, we have also removed a lot of keywords from the system which is not appropriate, and which our advertisers will not approve off, is not as easy as you might think.

Anyway, in short, storing the information in normal Tables, just ain’t good enough. It involved some caching and redesigns of our database. We always try to keep our pages response time under a second. Please feel free to let us know if you are not experiencing the same speeds.

Obviously when requesting an update in the system (clicking on the “Update” button on some of the pages), will result in the cache being cleared, and then we retrieve the latest stats.

Anyway, hopefully we will be able to keep this up in the months to come.

Any feedback is welcome, and greatly appreciated.

Google announced this week that they will be dropping Referrer information when logged in users search on the Google Search Engine.  Website owners will not be able to determine the keywords used in the search engine when a user search for a specific keyword, and click through to a website.

This change is a massive blow for Web Analysis software like Google Analytics and Clicky, and will cause a lot of website owners  to loose very important SEO information previously used to see which keywords their website rank for in the Search Engines.

Google Claim that this change is necessarily to protect the privacy of their logged in users, and because each logged in user will receive different Search Engine Result Pages customized for that specific user.  The Referrer information will however still be available if a user clicks on an AdWords ad.  That does seem like a bit two faced.

According to Google this was rolled out to logged in users and we should see +- 10% of our Referrer information as “Not provided” in Google Analytics.

On Web Stats Checker, we have +- 2.5% with reference as “Not provided” from 2011/10/19.

We can only assume that Google will roll this out in the future to more users, including users that are not logged in.

This will cause website owners to use Keyword Ranking Services and software like Web Stats Checker to show them the where their websites rank in the SERPS.

Please let us know what kind of impact you have seen in your Website Stats Software.

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Just a quick note.  We read each and every comment posted onto this blog before we publish it to the world.  If you add comment like “Cool Stuff” or any of the other normal spam we are getting, your comment will be marked as spam, and some of your other comments might also be market as spam by our spam software.  If you have something to say related to the topic, please feel free to comment.  We will publish it with your backlink.

For those of you that might be interested in adding posts to the site, register first and send us a message to let us know you want to contribute to the site.  We will update your rights and you can then submit your post online.  Again we will be reading all of the posts, before we publish them.

Happy writing…

We have reached yet another milestone.  3 million unique visitors per month for the pass month on  I hope everyone is enjoying the functionality on the site.  If you have any recommendations, please feel free to let us know what we can add.

12 days ago, we posted a short message to let everyone know we have reached 1 million unique visitors in the last month.  Well, can you believe it.  We have now reached 2 million unique visitors is the past month (2011/04/30 to 2011/05/30).  Thanks for everyone linking to our site and spreading the word.

I guess it is time for some payback.  We will be adding a top 10 referrers item on our home page.  So make sure you send us some of your visitors.  We will do the same.

You need to use dashes.

Google see them as separators, while underscores are not seen as word generators.

The question all website owners ask:  How can I get people to link to my website.  Well, here is a quick list of possible ways of getting people to link to your website:

1. Controversy – Say something controversial
2. Participate in community – Answer questions to help other people, with a reference back to your page via your profile
3. Original research
4. News letters
5. Social media
6. Lists e.g. 50 ways to …
7. Create a Blog and write about the things you care abou
8. How to’s and tutorials
9. Run a service / or create a product, e.g. a firefox extension
10. Open source
11. Good site architecture
12. Make a few video and post them on YouTube

Can you think of any other ways to get people to link back to your website?

Getting something for free always gives me a warm fussy feeling.  Especially when I receive it each and every month.  That is why I’ve decided to create some additional web hosting accounts on free servers, so I can create some additional sites, and hopefully by doing this, create content, and interlink the sites.  Theoretically this should all contribute to better search engine rankings in the end.

But, I have not really been very successful in securing accounts.  My first attempt was with  After 1 week of waiting for activation, I’ve decided to find alternative providers.

I’ve tried another free hosting service, and was able to setup a blog site, but when I checked the uptime on my site, it was down for more that 10% of the time.

The amount of time I’ve spend creating accounts, completing forms, copying files, setting up my Blog site, just to finally move them to a paid service provider, I have to say probably cost me more than just purchasing a web hosting package in the first place.

If anyone can still recommend a good free web hosting provider, please let me know.  I still think there is value in hosting with them.  Just for one, by creating a few external sites (with different IP addresses), all linking to your sites, can contribute to better Search Engine Rankings.

Please note, we have not used any of these techniques for or


Good news everyone!

We have reached 1 million unique visitors for the past month on  I’m sure our advertisers are smiling all the way.

When we started selling ads on our site for $400 per month, we had only 500 000 page views per month.  Now we have over 3 million and the price is still the same.  Seems to me like a good investment.